There was a total Lunar eclipse in January 2019 attracting a few hardy members to the Observatory in the early hours of the morning. Clouds began to interfere as totality was reached, however bacon rolls made by Rhona in her campervan were a delicious consolation. Pop-up solar sessions began where we took the Lunt out to the public. The 25th anniversary of HAS and the 50th anniversary of the first Moon landings were celebrated in June with a buffet meal to which all members contributed and Howie Firth spoke. Eric stepped in to become acting Chairman as Paul finally moved to Dornoch. The Observatory expenses were reduced by cancelling broadband, and the Inverness Courier cancelled our monthly articles due to it reducing its expenditure.

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Dark Sky Observing

Public Live Observing Webcast - 9pm TONIGHT

Saturday 24th October

on YouTube

Come view the night sky in high quality 1080p resolution, hosted by Highlands Astronomical Observing Team.

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